Quality Report

The SDMetrics Quality Report evaluates how well your synthetic data captures mathematical properties from your real data. This is also known as synthetic data fidelity. The report runs select metrics to measure these properties and summarizes the results.
Once you have generated the report you can get more details to explain the results, visualize the scores and save the report to share it.

What's included?

Column Shapes

Does the synthetic data capture the shape of each column?
The shape of a column describes its overall distribution. The higher the score, the more similar the distributions of real and synthetic data.
You may notice that column shape quality is better for discrete columns (categorical, boolean) as opposed to continuous columns (numerical, datetime). Generally, we've found that it's much easier to create synthetic data for a small number of known categories than large ranges of numerical values.
Does the synthetic data capture trends between pairs of columns?
The trend between two columns describes how they vary in relation to each other, for example the correlation. The higher the score, the more the trends are alike.

Table Relationships

Does the synthetic data capture the number of connections between parent and child tables? This is also known as the cardinality of the tables.


The Quality Report is available for single and multi table datasets.
The Quality Report is not optimized to compute the quality of ordered, sequential information. However, you can still apply the single table report for some basic analysis.