Domain Specific Reports

If you are using synthetic data to solve enterprise needs, your project is a great candidate for SDMetrics Domain Reports. Domain Reports measure the specific objective that you want to achieve with synthetic data.

Focus on what matters to your enterprise

Synthetic data projects can fail when they evaluate too many metrics and optimize for the wrong ones. The key to adoption is focusing on your project's goals.

The table below shows an example of important metrics based on your project requirements. These vary based on the project.

Project ObjectiveMetric: Boundary AdherenceMetric: Correlation SimilarityMetric: Category Coverage

Software testing using synthetic data

(not important)

Machine learning with synthetic data

(not important)

Domain Reports include our insights on which metrics you should prioritize.

Save development costs & resources

Creating synthetic data that perfectly optimizes every metric can be an expensive endeavor. It can require many rounds of iteration, leading you to complicated approaches.

When you focus on only a few, necessary metrics, you can choose a synthetic data model that optimizes just for what you need -- and cuts costs in other areas.

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Additional metrics that are tailored for your specific synthetic data use case

Custom visualizations that you can easily share with your leadership team

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