Predefined Constraint Classes

Predefined constraint classes are available for frequently occurring logic. The logic can be isolated to a single column, incorporate multiple columns in a table or be applied to multiple rows.

Single Column

This logic can be applied to a single column of your data.

Constraint ClassDescriptionExample

All the values in the column must be >0

The room_rate must be positive

All the values in the column must be <0

The credit_balance must be negative

All the values in the column have a fixed lower or upper bound

All checkin_date values must occur on or after Jan 1, 2020

All the values in the column have fixed lower and upper bounds

All values in amenities_fee must be between 0 and 500.00

All the numerical values are increments of a whole number

All values in salary must be divisible by 1000

Multi Column

This logic requires multiple columns.

Constraint ClassDescriptionExample

No shuffling is allowed other than what's already observed in the data

The city and country values cannot be shuffled to create new permutations.

The original data columns represent a one hot encoding scheme

Exactly 1 of the following columns has a 1 in each row: not_subscribed, basic_subscriber, premium

The value in one column must always be greater than the other

The checkout_date must always be after the checkin_date

The value in one column is bounded by the values in other columns

The parent_age must be in between child_age and grandparent_age

A chain of 2 or more columns in an inequality

purchase_date < start_date < end_date < expiration_date < termination_date

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