* ChainedInequality

*SDV Enterprise Feature. This feature is only available for licensed users. To learn more about the SDV Enterprise features and purchasing a license, visit our website.

Compatibility: 2 or more columns that are all numerical or all datetime

The ChainedInequality constraint enforces a chain of inequality relationships between any number of columns. For every row, the value in these columns must follow a strict ordering system.


(required) column_names: A list of strings that represent the column names. They should appear in ascending order (lowest to highest).

strict_boundaries: Whether a column must be strictly greater than previous one

(default) True

The value in the higher column must be strictly greater than the lower column


The value in the higher column must be greater than or equal to the value in the lower column.


Define your constraint using the parameters and then add it to a synthesizer.

my_constraint = {
    'constraint_class': 'ChainedInequality',
    'table_name': 'purchase_log', # for multi table synthesizers
    'constraint_parameters': {
        'column_names': ['purchase_date', 'start_date', 'end_date',
                         'expiration_date', 'termination_date'],
        'strict_boundaries': True


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