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A transformer is responsible for transforming a single column in a larger dataset. Each transformer uses a specific technique to change the data.
For example, LabelEncoder is a transformer that converts categories into numbers using a simple labeling scheme (0, 1, 2,...).

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Use this glossary to browse through the different transformers that you can apply to your dataset.

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Each transformer is designed to work with a specific semantic data type (sdtype). Use the tabs below to explore transformers by sdtype.
boolean & categorical
Transformers that work on boolean & categorical data:
Transformers that work on datetime data:
Transformers that work on numerical data:
Transformers that work on PII data:
Transformers that work on text:
For access to other sdtypes, use Premium Add-Ons. The Add-Ons allow you to use specific data types (such as phone number) that have a deeper understanding of the data and its privacy implications.

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Your choice to use a particular transformer might be based on what you want to achieve.
Statistical Processing
These transformers format the data into numerical values. These are the basic transformers that you'll likely use to clean and prepare your data for data science.
These transformers analyze the data and use statistical operations to modify it. Use these transformers if your data requires some mathematical optimization.
These transformers are meant to anonymize sensitive data that you do not want to leak during the transformation process. Use them to protect the privacy of your original dataset.
Premium Add-Ons have a deeper understanding of what the data represents. They're able to break down the data into individual concepts that are helpful for data science.
For example, the GeoExtractor can read a phone number and identify the country and geographical region that it comes from.

Default Transformers

By default, the RDT automatically assigns a transformer based on the sdtype of the column.
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