* Deep Data Understanding

Do you have other types of data that have particular meanings in your businesses? These transformers understand real world concepts, and parse out their meanings for increased data modeling accuracy.

Use Contextual Anonymization for sensitive data. Contextual Anonymization is a novel technique invented at DataCebo to anonymize data with more nuanced meaning.

Contextual Anonymization combines the ability to anonymize Personal Identifiable Information (PII) while preserving underlying meaning of the data (deep data understanding).

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Explore the Data Types

We offer deep data understanding and contextual anonymization for the data types listed below.

  • Address: Physical locations around the world, for example an office or personal mailing address

  • Email: email addresses associated with real users, businesses or other entities

  • GPS Coordinates: precise locations around the world, defined by a latitude and longitude

  • Phone Number: cell phone or landline numbers

*SDV Enterprise Feature. This feature is available to our licensed users and is not currently in our public library. To learn more about the SDV Enterprise and its extra features, visit our website.

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