* NewNumberMapper

*SDV Enterprise Feature. This feature is available to our licensed users and is not currently in our public library. To learn more about the SDV Enterprise and its extra features, visit our website.

The NewNumberMapper creates and applies a consistent mapping between real numbers and fake, synthetic numbers. The mapping preserves the geographical context of the phone numbers. That is, numbers belonging to a region are mapped to fake phone numbers in the same region.

from rdt.transformers.phone_number import NewNumberMapper

mapper = NewNumberMappper()


default_country: If phone number does not have an international country code, provide the country code to use.

(default) None

No default country. All phone numbers must have international country codes.


A string representing an Alpha-2 country code ("US")


from rdt.transformers.phone_number import NewNumberMapper
mapper = NewNumberMappper(default_country='US')


After fitting the transformer, you can access the learned values through the attributes.

mapping: A dictionary that maps the original, real phone number to a new, fake phone number

>>> transformer.mapping
  '(617)253-3400': '(617)100-1234',
  '(617)253-2142': '(617)555-2223',

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