* Phone Number

*SDV Enterprise Feature. This feature is available to our licensed users and is not currently in our public library. To learn more about the SDV Enterprise and its extra features, get in touch with us.
Phone number data represents cell phone or landline numbers associated with real users or businesses. Phone numbers are a type of PII data. A key consideration is that you do not want the real phone numbers in your dataset to leak. However, you may want to also preserve key characteristics of phone numbers such as their format, international country code and region/area that they come from.

Key Features

This sdtype understands the geographical context of phone numbers. It can extract international and region country codes that are embedded in your phone numbers.
This sdtype offers the novel Contextual Anonymization technique on phone numbers that are Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

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Anonymize phone numbers while preserving the geographical context
Pseudo-anonymize phone number data using a consistent mapping that preserves the geographical context.
Extract geographical context from phone numbers for data science use.
Create fake, anonymized phone numbers without considering the geographical context.
Create and use a reversible mapping without considering the geographical conext.
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